Space-Giraffe-Ship which carries Poporin and others leaves the galaxy and approaches the great Tulip-Nebula which is the home country of Star-Flower.
' Wow? What is the dark object which is in front of the Tulip-Nebula? ' Poporin asked.
' Oh, that is the Cat-head dark nebula. It is the strange space object which absorbs light and looks so dark. ' Yadopi answered.
' It is emitting energy actively. It looks like a living thing! ' Junko surprised.
' Actually, that dark-nebula is a space living thing. If it grows, it will reach 20 light years of full length! The tail of our ship will be eaten if we don't pass quietly. Never make him notice us. ' Star-Flower said.
Poporin and others were surprised at the so strange living thing, but approach the Tulip-Nebula very quietly.
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