After they fly toward the center of the Galaxy for a while, a blue beautiful planet came into their view. 
' This city looks like being under the sea. Star-Flower, what is this city's name? ' Junko said. 
' This city is 'Ryu-gu City', the capital of your Galaxy. The large building at the center of the city is Ryu-gu Castle, the Galaxy government office. ' 
' Someone is shaking the hand. Wow...He seems to be a human being on the earth, doesn't he? ' 
' He is Ambassador Urashima who is representing the earth people for thousands of years. I hear that he is a great person who was appointed as an ambassador because of his achievement of rescuing a turtle-type space ship that fell to the earth. ' 
' Oh! Really? We have thought Taro-Urashima's story is a mere Japanese fantasy. He is still working as the ambassador in Ryu-gu Castle!' Yadopi surprised. 
' Do you want to land on the ground? ' 
' I want to talk with Ambassador Urashima, about many themes, but I don't like a tensing-place like government office. Let's continue the trip, after circling in his sky 3 times as a greeting.' Poporin said.
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