How long they had fainted....? When Poporin woke up, he was over the Mars base. But the situation is strange somehow. 
' Wow! Have I died? ' 
' Hello! I'm the spirit of the space plant STAR-FLOWER ' 
' Hi, Poporin. I've been waiting for you. Our soul was extracted from the body, by the strong supernatural powers of STAR-FLOWER. '
' You are YADOPI! .... Frankly, soul is the same as a ghost, isn't it? Oh, I have died!! '
' No, no. Only the eye of your heart can see me. So I united with you and you became the spirit of the same flower as me. I who travel in the universe am solitary. Let's make friends! You can restore the body later. '
Junko is worried.
' But, I'm unstable if there is only a face..... '
' You are all right. '
Ran smiled and said.
' We are existence of only soul now, and we are looking at things by the eye of our heart. The spirit of each one has produced this blue Mars' sky, and our various flight forms.
When you are not conscious of the body, it does not exist. When you are conscious of the body, it exists. '
' Oh, yes! I can also change clothes by imagination. '
' Hi, Poporin. We are non-material existence now, and we are not bound to neither Euclidean geometry, nor the Newton dynamics, nor the law of causality. We can move tens of thousands of light years in an instant only by imagining, and go to the future or past time. However we cannot touch a substance, how about our travelling to the space-time we like? '
Do you want to go?
Travel in the stars
Travel in the history
I don't go
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