Hello, I'm Junko.
I am the heroine of the tale 'Junko's strange trip.'
I am the teenager of the 20th century birth, and the character acting before thinking deeply. However, I always do my best with might and main so that I may not repent.
The persons whom I respect are Picasso, Dali, Edison, and Taro Okamoto.
I regard those who do not persist in their past form as great.
The elapsed tale
One fine day, Junko met with 4-
dimensional resident Poporin-Owl
after school, and they left for the
mysterious space 'The Internet 
zone'.  In the left picture, Junko
is surprised at Poporin looking at 
her from the hole of space-time 
in the air. 
4-dimensional space
Poporin and Junko ride in the pink Bra-Usa, in the 'Internet zone'. Poporin said that those which look like stars, are entrances 'sites' to another world.
Fight in Ancient IYAPOPO
JUNKO fought with invader DADAMI in 'Ancient IYAPOPO' which is one of many sites.
JUNKO fought in 'AZTI-MOMOYAMA' which the 4-dimensional monster YADOPI is governing, having protected golden goose figure and having risked life and death with the robot or the witch. What is an end...? Fighting is always empty. 

'AZTI-MOMOYAMA' became independent of 'IYAPOPO' in December, 2002.

Then, Junko has arrived at IYAPOPOLIS now.
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