' Pi... Piyo, piyo!? '
Then, Piyo-Rina rushed into the cloud which looks like a display. And she
was surprised at being surrounded by dazzling shine.
' Piyo..... What happened at all?! Piyo! '
' Ah...This is the corridor to the new tale, isn't it? '
Lieutenant colonel Yu and others worried about Piyo-Rina, and they also
rushed into the dazzling corridor with L-25.
' Wow! I also think so. The tale world is born with the energy of human
, I guess. This corridor might be the place where the energy is
radiated as light between the real world and the tale world. '
' If Poporin's guess is correct, we'll arrive at Piyo-Rina's world of new tale
beyond this corridor. How should we do? I want to enter! This corridor is
shining so brilliantly.... I want to see her world by all means!! '
Yadopi said, and Lieutenant colonel Yu, Major Usapi, and Poporin nodded
clearly. Then they looked at the direction to which they are going.
Piyo-Rina and L-25 were accelerated a little, and they kept going in the
shining corridor.
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