We approached the meteorite, and found that the meteorite is almost as
large as our Piyo-Piyo planet, piyo!
Ah, the meteorite in this picture doesn't look so large, but actually it's
very large, piyo.
' Mr. Large Meteorite! Please stop the crash, and let's make friends, piyo!! '
We told to the large meteorite as hard as we could, piyo.
' OK, I see. Let's make friends!! '
Then, we became the friends. And our Piyo-Piyo planet kept the peace,
piyo..... That's a great happy-end, piyo!! (^0^)/
' Pyon? .... That's strange, pyon. '
Major Usapi said, after he heard Piyo-Rina's story.
' Oh, yes.... I remember that the earth people and the Piyo-Piyo people
are fighting at the solar-system of 31st century. That's because the
Piyo-Piyo planet was broken by the crashing with the meteorite.... '
Lieutenant Colonel Yu also wonders.
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