The earth fleet and the Piyo-Piyo fleet cooperated to rescue L-25 and Piyo-
Rina. And they found that they can believe each other, then they succeeded
in the conclusion of a peace treaty.
The Piyo-Piyo fleet in the space will be refueled from the earth while
new flying-cities 'New Polis' is being constructed at many places on
the earth. And they planned that the earth will accept all Piyo-Piyo
people in 10 years, from 3003 to 3013.
In the future, the earth will be filled with vigor and variety far more
than now (3003).
Oh, yes! The gold peach-cross decorations were conferred on Major meah and all crews of the moon shuttle, who went to rescue L-25 and Piyo-Rina.

After that, Major Meah successively becomes the staff of the earth fleet headquarters, and Captain of the space battleship. She will become the Marshal of the earth fleet in the future.
After began to live on the eaeth, Piyo-Rina removed the weapons on her head. She participated actively as the huge robot who can sing and dance, on the earth, on the moon, on the Mars, and on the Venus.

For many centuries, Piyo-Rina who has a lovely smile and playful character continued being loved by both Piyo-Piyo people and the earth people.
The chapter of drifting in the space was finished.
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