( Ah.... My fuel seems to be exhausted, piyo.... )
Piyo-Rina and L-25 flew on the orbit of many planets, and at last they
 got on the course by which they can go to the earth straightly. But Piyo-
Rina used up her fuel, and became not to be able to move.

' Oh, Piyo-Piyo robot! Are you all right? '
' Pyon, also our L-25 has almost used up the fuel. Let's take hands firmly,
and let's keep the course straight, pyon! '
So as not to become separated in the space, Major Usapi firmly gripped
both hands of Piyo-Rina, with L-25's manipulators.
' We have to leave the last fuel in order to land on the earth or on the
moon, pyon. I stop the rocket motor of L-25, and in inertia we keep flying. '
' I see... I believe that we are all right...  '
When they flew for a while with misgivings, a faint light was seen forward.
And the radio of L-25 received a message.
' ... Lieutenant colonel Yu, can you hear this message? Meow! This is Major
Meah. Riding on the new lunar-shuttle, I've come in order to save you! '
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