Then, what should you do, Iyan? Let's consider together.
' Why have Poporin and Junko become to such situation? '
' Pao..... It's because.... '
' Iyan. It's because your decision was wrong. You made Piyo-Piyo space people to be angry. '
' ......... '
' You should compensate for the responsibility of the failure by yourself. Apologize to Piyo-Piyo space people! Say that the earth and all the resources will be given to them, and request forgiveness! '
' Pao....? '
Iyan noticed that the medical teacher must be the pink Piyo-Piyo space alien.
( Pao... What should I do? ... Should I apologize, and request her to repair Junko and Poporin? )
..Even if I'm destructed, never give up, Iyan!!..
Iyan remembered the last word, which Poporin said before he got broken.
' Pao!! I'll never give up!! '
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