Iyan looked around the infirmary, and found that the face of the anatomy chart on the wall has become Junko's face, and she is struggling painfully!
' PA...PAO!? Junko...! '
' That voice is Commander Iyan, isn't it? Before I am aware, I've become not to able to move... I have dim sight, and do not see anything. I feel very cold... Please tell me what happened about me. Please tell me, Commander Iyan! '

(By and large, this must be a picture on the wall! .... It seems that Junko's spirit has been enclosed in this picture. Pao!)
' You... You are all right! Your nerve seems to have been paralyzed by the Piyo-Piyo space alien's attack. You are flawless! '
Iyan told a lie not to give a shock to Junko whose consideration was clear.

' Really? I feel relieved. To tell the truth, I felt fear very much because I worried whether to have lost my body.... '

Coldly smiling, the medical teacher is looking at them.
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