' Pao! Let's go to the infirmary soon! '
Iyan climbed the desk, and pulled Poporin's hand in order to take him to the infirmary. Although Iyan doesn't know the reason, Poporin is heavy just like having the root, so Iyan cannot move Poporin at all.
' Wo.... WOW! '
When Iyan was making an effort to move Poporin, Poporin cried suddenly. Iyan noticed that both eyes of Poporin have come off from his face by pressure in his skull.
' Wow... I.... cannot make the CG, or continue the travel with Junko, any longer.... It's all over with me! ' Poporin said.
' Pao! Pull yourself together! This must be the Piyo-Piyo space alien's illusion attack. This fear attack is not a reality! ... Why do they attack not me but Poporin? ' Iyan wondered.
' Even if this is an illusion, I cannot endure this pain and despair any longer! Iyan, Piyo-Piyo space aliens are trying to give you the fear and despair by the method of destructing me who is your close friend.... Even if I'm destructed, never give up, Iyan! '
Part of Poporin's brain is effusing from the eye socket by internal pressure.
' But Poporin... What solution do I have?... '
' O..! Ouch! Mammy, oh, ouch.... '
Poporin seemed to lose the normal thinking gradually. Iyan could only grasp the hand of Poporin who was destructed in a moment.
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