When Junko switched on, dazzling light encompassed her.
At the same time, calm voice of a woman was heard from the communication machine on her chest.
' Hello Junko, this is the earth defense corps support center. The superman-system <HEAVEN'S PROCEDURE> has been started. We are converting all the energy of Iyapopolis into the muscle and adrenaline, and are transporting to you who lighted the Heaven's light. Progress rate is 85%.......92%.......98%....... '
While Junko was surprised and was hearing the voice, she felt that her body was being filled with very strong energy. Her skin has been changed like plastics such as acids-heatproof clothes.
' What happened?! ' Junko said.
The operator's voice in the other side of the communication machine continues.
' The transportation was completed, Junko. This is a superman-system that the space navy developed, and the system changes the person who lights Heaven 's light to a very strong soldier for three minutes by the element conversion technology and the teleportation technology.
Our Support-Center had been worrying and monitoring your fight. Now do your best, JUNKO-HEAVEN!! '
( HEAVEN! HEAVEN! HEAVEN! ) The chorus that seems to be her theme song is heard from the communication machine. Junko-Heaven got the courage more and more!
' OK, I shall do my best. '
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' Ultra Seven ' by Tsuburaya Production